"I'm building something awesome, why aren't customers coming?"
a business starves without attention 
Customer Engagement is a challenge for every business.
Standing Out in the noise can seem downright impossible.
Haphazard content is a trademark of bad marketing.
Along with this program, you'll get a lot more!
"If you build it, they will come!"

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, podcasters hear that all the time, from the mouths of people who've never actually acquired customers. 

It's bad advice, setting the expectation that just because a product or service exists, customers will somehow find out about it.

Building something doesn't attract customers. Marketing it attracts customers.

What do most business do? They create social media accounts, post all over the place, with the only message to customers: "Buy Our Stuff!" 

They struggle to get customers to engage with them, let alone have customers trust them. Weeks later, they shout "THIS ISN"T WORKING!"

They give up, or flounder about, trying to figure out something that works, a new "growth hack" or "NEW marketing strategy" that promises to have people raving about them the moment it's implemented.

The truth has always been the same: People buy from those they trust.

Customers only buy from a companies that shows it is solving a problems, connects authentically with them, and provides straightforward opportunities to buy.

And that's a fundamental difference in any company's approach.
HOW WOULD YOUR business CHANGE IF customers knew about your offer and trusted you?
What if, instead of hoping to hit targets with haphazard strategies, you nailed it every single time?
"This is for ME!" - Your Customers
Consistently answer your market's questions and become a credible source of information they trust.
Make MORE in less time
Focus on the strategic and fun parts of creating, while getting engagement from your customers.
Be A Leader in Your Space 
Become a rising figure in your niche to attract partners as well as collaborators.
Let me help you
build a long-term brand with your customers 
through targeted engaging content
Hi, I'm Moby.
Yes, just like the DJ 😉
Entreprenuers and creators have been my market since 2016. 

I started making content years ago to promote a podcast. Some photos here and there, a few videos a year. I made many mistakes, and left much on the table.

Only when I came to believe that content is my most effective marketing tool to get opportunities to help my target market did I succeed:

  • ​​Coached startups to win $750,000 at pitch competitions
  • ​Picked to Emcee the 1st ever live-stream stage at Podcast Movement
  • ​Co-hosted Austin's 1st Podcast Festival
  • ​Mentored 500+ college students across the US on entrepreneurship
  • ​Co-lead Austin's Podcast Community of 600+ Podcasters
  • ​Lead Austin Entrepreneurs meetup of 3500+ Entrepreneurs
  • ​Spoken at Founder Institute, 3 Day Startup, MassChallenge and other startup incubators
  • ​Live-streamed for FUND Conference, Entrepreneur, MediaTech Ventures and more
That's what I want to teach you. To create content around what you love and what you want to do with your life and business, and get the opportunities and results you want.
-Moby Hayat
the key to the kingdom of opportunities..
2 week content bootcamp
14 days to transform your marketing
A program to get you customer attention through content. Finish these 1o modules in 2 weeks or any time period you'd like. 
map out your target market and they really want
We kick off the bootcamp with a framework for understanding who your ideal customer is, and what their needs are. We'll map out the predictable stages they go through as they get better at the problem you or your company is solving, so that you can laser focus on what questions you can answer through content that will get their attention and engagement.
make Amazing Videos IN under 5 MINS JUST ON YOUR PHONE
Don't have a DSLR, video editing experience, or even time to learn? No problem. This module will teach you how to elevate videos made on your phone, add transitions and music and cuts within seconds (yes, I said seconds), so that you can record, film, and edit a video on your phone within minutes that will get anyone's attention.

create custom images to stand out from the noise
Want to post quote images? Repurpose old images? Make yourself stand out when creating brand images? I got you. 
After this module, you'll learn to make your unique post from thousands of easy, free templates so that you can create killer images (on your phone or computer) for any promotion, announcement, message that will stand out anywhere you post them.
HOW TO STREAM LIVE AND CONNECT w/ customers authentically
Live-streaming is one of the best ways to share your message, practice your stage presence, and connect with your audience - because it's in real-time, engaging, favored by every single platform's algorithm, and not everyone is doing it. After this, you'll know how to build up to or jump straight into live-streaming, so that your message skyrockets to the top of your connections' newsfeeds and builds a connection between you and your target market.
In this module, we bring the prior training on video, images, livestreams, quote images, storytelling, blogging all together. You'll learn how to easily promote things without seeming to promote, share the stories of your life and business, as well as teach what you know, so that you can practice and figure out what style(s) of content is your own and can consistently use to interact with your target market.
I love this one. Content needs distribution for your brand to reach more and more people, and this module goes over how you can network and create connections in real life, online, and with people you've wanted to collaborate for. As an extra, I'll show you how to host your own events as well, all so that you know how to connect with more people at every event, in every online community, and on your own, and have them join your growing audience.
WEAVe YOUR business INTo CONTENT without turning people off
Promoting what you do. That's a hard one, right? What's the balance of personal vs. business content? In this module, we'll talk about the integration of what you do with your message, so that you can create content which builds your personal brand and showcases what you as well as your business can do for customers and clients.
EASILY TURN 1 piece of content into 10+ to maximize reach
People are always splintered across mediums (podcasting, text, video) and channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc). We'll go over how you can promote content of any medium you like everywhere you like, and create multiple pieces of content from 1, so that you can make everything you make into micro-content and reach more people, without constantly having to create "new" content.
Authenticity, honestly, and confidence are the building blocks of building a (personal or company) brand that people come to trust and emotionally connect with. It's a journey, and I'll share mine and what I've seen in others' messages that you can use for examples, so that you can be yourself in your message and not have to pretend to be anyone else online or in real life
Boom! Day 10, last module, graduation! However long it takes you to get here, we'll do a recap of everything I taught and boil it down to a few frameworks that you can choose from, so that, moving forward, you have a plan of connecting with people and creating content that makes the most sense for your schedule, goals, and desired outcome.
BONUS: hire a virtual assistant to complete repetitive tasks
There can be a lot of work that goes on behind-the-scenes when making content consistently. In this module, I'll show you where you can find a Virtual Assistant on any budget, how to train them, and what to delegate, so that you can let go of the admin and focus on the parts of content creation you want to focus on.
BONUS: complete list of tools to make your life simpler and easier
Let's make your life easier. I'll compile a list of tools and processes to streamline my content creation process, to save time and effort every single day, so that you too can decrease your work load, schedule everything, and focus on whatever it is you want to focus on.

Along with this program, you'll get a lot more!
How long will I have access?
You will have access to this course forever. You get access right away to everything! Everyone has their own style of learning, and I'll leave it to you to decide what works best for you.

Do I get access right away or do I get a new module everyday?
You get access right away to everything! Everyone has their own style of learning, and I'll leave it to you to decide what works best for you.

What is the length of modules?
The modules range from 20 mins to 1 hour. Some topics take longer to teach effectively, while some don't.

Do I have to complete the program in 2 weeks?
Nope. You can take your time. Life happens

How do I contact support?
You can email

What if the course is updated? Do I have to buy the new program?
Nope, you will receive any updated content automatically.

What if I want my money back?
Not a problem. If you request a full refund 15 days from your purchase, you'll have it. No questions asked.

Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
  • ​​Become a Dominant & Trusted Figure in Your Niche 
  • ​Churn Out Content Faster than Your Competition
  • ​Make Every Post You Make Resonate with Customers
  • ​​​Know Exactly What to Share and How
I charge $2400 to give this training in person, but you get this program...
For $197
And we're told building one takes more than it actually does.
There's gurus galore who tell you that ads is the only way to build a business in 2019, and you're falling behind if you aren't funneling thousands of $$ into advertising right now. 

Every single outstanding piece of content looks so difficult to make. It seems like every one has multiple marketing people to follow them and film videos, edit videos, take photos, and constantly be posting. 

It seems that the only people getting attention online are those with amazing photography or video skills they've honed over years, or those who can afford to have others to do it. 
You DO NOT have to spend hours and money every single day building a brand THAT GETS YOU ATTENTION
  I was able to build a brand off minimal monetary investment by figuring out who wants what I know about, aggressively connecting with them, and just giving them content

I was able to mix my passion of building a business and creating content into partnerships, speaking, awards, referrals, and actual business development 

  I was able to create and publish engaging social posts, images, and videos with almost no extra work editing them and without any prior experience - All Rights Reserved | Copyright 2019